Clean, Green and Safe

At Mountain Magnolia Inn we are committed to providing an environment for our guests and staff which is green, clean and safe.


Our goal is that Mountain Magnolia Inn be cleaner and more germ-free than any accommodation you might consider.

  • We received a 98% on our most resent health department evaluation
  • We have a team of 5 cleaning professionals who have been with us on an average of 5 years
  • We have training, procedures and practices in place to insure a clean environment
  • We invest in equipment to clean and maintain our facilities
  • We have on-going practices to prevent, detect and treat insects


We are committed to environmentally friendly practices.

  • We are certified as a TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Silver level
  • We have over 20 green practices in place
  • We are as chemical free as possible
  • Use nontoxic or least toxic cleaners, sanitizers, paints, and pesticides throughout the hotel.
  • Use no fertilizers or herbicides on our property.
  • We use organic and local products where practicable
  • Grow many of our own herbs and vegetables in our organic garden.
  • Use pump dispensers for soap, shampoo and lotion to eliminate waste and plastic from individual containers.
  • Offer a linen (both sheets and towels) reuse program in all guest rooms.
  • Compost biodegradable kitchen waste.
  • Recycle cans, plastics, glass, and paper.
  • Provide reusable items such as cloth napkins, glass cups, ceramic dishes, etc. with most food and beverage services.
  • Switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs in guest rooms, lobbies, and hallways.
  • Educate our staff to turn off lights and turn down heating/air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied.
  • Installed low flow toilets.
  • Installed window film in many areas to lower heating and cooling loads.
  • Landscape with drought resistant native plants in garden areas.
  • Include filter changes, coil cleaning, thermostat calibration, and damper adjustments in our on going maintenance plan.
  • We are energy efficient
  • Purchase “Energy Star” appliances wherever possible.
  • Provide ceiling fans in most rooms.
  • Set water temperatures to conserve energy.


Guest and staff safety is our highest priority.

  • Since we opened in 1999, we have had just 1 minor guest injury, and that is one too many.
  • We have a pro-active safety plan
  • All food preparation personnel are Serve Safe trained and qualified
  • Six associates are CPR-trained
  • We involve all staff and guests in our safety efforts
The Mountain Magnolia Inn is open for nightly lodging, elopement, and smaller events as we move into the Fall and Winter seasons. We are also booking weddings for 2021 and beyond. Click below to read more about our policies and procedures that we are following in efforts to keep our guests and staff safe. We hope to see you soon!